cookie and her crumz
Late one winter evening, full from a pint of Harveys Best and an especially spicy kung pao tofu takeaway, cookie chang sat back, patted her tummy and thought about all the things that made her happy. For cookie, happy = drawing and that made her mind and pen start bouncing.

Soon boot-wearing frogs kicked bottle caps across the tablecloth . . . hip hedgehogs started a mosh pit on the seat of her chair . . . chihuahuas dressed as dinosaurs adorned her fingernails!

After covering every square inch of her takeaway box with alien squids, cookie looked around the room for a clean surface to continue her ink frenzy.

"Ah ha! my fortune cookie!" she proclaimed. cookie had never thought to draw on her namesake before. She picked it up and turned it over in her hands. It smelled sweet and fresh, and for a moment she nearly bit into it . . . but the anticipation of ink soaking into its crispy shell was more than she could bear. cookie closed her eyes and imagined all the tiny friends she would draw on it as she hummed her favourite drawing song. It was a Korean tune her dad taught her when she was just knee-high to a cricket. (Press the play button.)

As the tip of cookie's pen touched the crunchy morsel, she heard a faint squeak... then "CRUNCH!" It rattled in her hand.

"Himminy jimminy!" cookie opened her eyes. A tiny gold crown, followed by its wearer emerged from the fortune cookie.

"Howdy hey, cookie! I'm pbratty. Thanks for getting us outta there!" The tiny character leapt off cookie's hand and landed with the tiniest "thhhmp" on the floor, then put her fingers in her mouth and whistled.

"Follow me, crumz!" shouted pbratty. One-by-one, 18 more characters crawled out, leapt to the floor and gathered around the awestruck cookie -- singing, giggling, whooping, hollering, high-fiving, and generally making a lot of noise for miniscule moppets, no bigger than a bottle cap.

"We're crumz!" they declared. Then everyone took turns introducing themselves -- starting with cookie.

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